Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hold on to Your Petals

Tornado watch and 70 mph wind.  That ought to do some damage.  Meanwhile, blooming today:

Hemerocallis "Mary Reed"
I had been killing out ground cover vinca and bush dogwoods out of a little bed, when I happened upon the Nursery plastic description of this lily.  I have several small purple daylilies and most I've no idea the name.  This one is "Mary Reed" and it's big plus is it stays open in the evening.  Always a nice trait.  

Hemerocallis "Chester Cyclone"
"Chester Cyclone" is an 8 1/2 inch bright yellow with green center. It's classified as "unusual form cascade.  Dormant.  30 inch scales.  Blooms mid-season and may rebloom.  Diploid and fragrant.  Introduced by Blakely in 1972.  This spider variant is a heavy bloomer and so fun.  
Hemerocallis "Lunar Max"
"Lunar Max" was dug up and killed by a contractor and I now have a new one.  It's been in the ground less than a month so the scapes are short but I'm grateful it's taken hold.  It's in my family bed for my grandson, Max.  6 1/2 inch pale amber gold yellow thick petals with big pale plum eye and green throat.  Held flat with ruffled edge.  Evergreen.  Tetraploid.  Vigorous with high bud count.

Hemerocallis "Dallas Star"
New in the ground "Dallas Star" decided to put on a show today.  6 1/2 inch pale lavender pink spider star shaped blooms with pale yellow eye and green throat with creamy white midrib.  28 inch scapes.  Mid season.  Semi-evergreen.  Diploid.  Diurnal.  Fragrant.  It's suggested it be planted in afternoon shade to keep its color.  

Awards:  Award of Merit and Honorable Mention 1985.  It was sent free from Oakes Daylilies as a bonus gift.  

Hemerocallis "Little Grapette"
"Little Grapette" is one of the little (2 inch) purples.  It has a deep grape color with a deeper halo and yellow eye and is fragrant.  Semi-evergreen and 36 inch scapes.  Awards:  Award of Merit 1977 and Don Fischer Memorial Award for outstanding miniature 1975.  It is used extensively in landscaping.  

While writing, it looks like the worst of the storm is going south of us.  Not wishing anyone to the south a bad night but certainly glad we won't experience it here.  

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