Thursday, June 18, 2015

If You Knew Susie Like I know Susie.

Hemerocallis "Susie Wong"
"Susie Wong" daylily has it all going.  4 1/2 inch light yellow self on 24 inch scapes.  It is one of the earliest to bloom and with it's high bud count, it blooms a long time.  A Dormant.  Winner of the 1971 Annie T. Giles Award (for best small flower.)  It was introduced in 1962 by Kennedy.  This is one of the best all around yellow daylilies I have.  Not flashy but a bloom filled beauty.  It's in my family flowerbed for my daughter, Susan (in her youth she was called Susie.)  From Oakes Daylilies.

Hemerocallis "Song of Innocence"
All the qualities of "Susie Wong" are evident in "Song of Innocence".  This 3-4 inch light pastel blend of light creamy peach/pink with soft yellow center around a small green throat.  It's slightly ruffled.  A Semi-evergreen Tetraploid.  Early bloom time with high bud count for a long show.  24 inch scapes.  From Oakes Daylilies.   

Hemerocallis "Siloam Double Classic"
A 5 inch double pink/peach with ruffles, a yellow halo and green eye.  16 inch scapes.   It has a very sweet strong fragrance.  Blooms early to mid-season.  Dormant.  Awarded the Stout Medal (given to one daylily yearly and is the American Hemerocallis Society's highest honor) and L. Ernest Plouf Fragrance Award.   Introduced by Henry in 1985.  This one is from Hoerr Nursery, Peoria IL.  

To enjoy a fragrant daylily, simple break off the flower where it joins the scape and sit it in a small-neck container.  No need for water since they are programed to stay beautiful for an entire day.  Before going to bed, throw away.  Most begin to turn to mush when the sun is completely down.  A few, like yesterday's "Hello Sunshine" open later in the morning and stay beautiful until about midnight.
Hemerocallis "Miss Tinkerbell"
"Miss Tinkerbell" isn't bothered by weather or insects (except perhaps this early morning's very strong hard rain that nearly uglied up every flower in bloom.)  3 3/4 inch peach/pink bloom with large rose eye zone, chartreuse eye and lightly ruffled.  It sometimes has a rose edge and iridescent covering.  18 inch scapes.  Mid season and high bud count for continuous bloom plus rebloom.  Dormant.  From Oakes Daylilies.  

The lady statue was a gift from my good friends "Nancy & Dean Belcher" and brings a smile and thought of them each time I round that corner of the garden walk.

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