Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Everything's Rosie

Daylily "Rosie Meyer"
"Rosie Meyer" daylily is a 5 inch single rich red self with a large yellow star throat.  Considered an early bloomer plus may rebloom.  I use "may" because we are a tad too north for much in the way of reblooming daylilies - the season isn't long enough.  This year we may have a chance since our spring was mild and early.  She was introduced in 1957 by Alexander.

Rosie is a Diploid and has no fragrance.  Having said all that, Rosie is a bit of a disappointment in my garden.  She starts out with some deformities but soon corrects plus has a low bud count.  She is billed as a vigorous grower but I think because she is an "evergreen", it never really gets off the ground as it should in my Zone 5.  I'm guessing.  I'm told that shouldn't make a difference; I do know evergreen daylilies never perform as nicely as semi-evergreens and dormants in my garden.  

Daylily "Eenie Allegro" 
When a daylily is called "Ennie Allegro", I can pretty much expect a little flower.   This compact plant has 1 1/2 inch gold self with slight ruffling.  Again, a big box store purchase that looks nothing like any nursery pictures.  

Even as a misfit, it's a beautiful little lily on about 14 inch scapes.  At times the foliage is taller than the scapes which will hide the flowers a bit.  It has a large bud count making for an extended bloom season.

Daylily "Hello Sunshine"
I have two-hundred-zillion pictures of "Hello Sunshine' - more or less.  All of these daylilies started blooming today and Hello Sunshine comes out of the shoot looking perfect.  A 5 1/2 inch round lemon yellow with wide ruffled petals.  Both the flower and the scapes (21 inches) are substantial.

Hello is termed mid-season plus extended plus reblooming.  Buying daylilies that claim "continuous" or  "extended" is a good thing.  

This flower is a Dormant, Diural, Tetraploid and VERY fragrant.  The point of fragrant on a bloom that lasts only one day is to pass by it on a walk, station it close to a porch/patio or pick and bring inside.  Purchased at Oakes Daylilies and introduced by Stamile in 1992.    

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