Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lazy Party Girl

Starting off the week with a bevy of beauties:
Hemerocallis "Trahlyta"
Besides being tricky to pronounce, "Trahlyta" can be the most stunning daylily I have in the garden.  It's a 6 1/2 inch soft silver gray/lavender with dark purple eye zone and green throat.  Blooms early to mid season plus rebloom.  Dormant.  VERY fragrant.  Diploid.  Proliferates although it hasn't in my garden.  Won the Award of Merit, Lenington All American Award and Honorable Mention.  The colors of Trahlyta may vary.  Not a bad thing but my favorite is when it's a shimmering silver gray; a color unlike any I've seen in other lilies.  
Hemerocallis "Designer Gown"
"Designer Gown" is a 6 inch pale lavender pink with a darker lavender/purple eye zone and edge.  Yellow/green eye.  24 inch scapes.  Diurnal.  Mid season bloomer.  Tetraploid.  Dormant.  Increases clump size.  Won Honorable Mention.  

In my garden, I'm not good with tough love for daylilies with faults. I pamper, make excuses and tolerate.  At worst, I may move them to a less focal point.  Designer Gown is a lovely lily except when it rains.  Anything more than a sprinkle and it turns to absolute mush. 
Hemerocallis "Unknown Orange with Red Star"
An unknown variety, "UK Orange with Red Star" puts on a nice reliable show.  4 inch orange spider with a white vein, red halo and large yellow star eye.  24 inch scapes.
Hemerocallis "Corryton Pink"
"Corryton Pink" is a 6 1/2 inch clear clean pink with yellow/green eye and light midrib.  May have a darker pink halo.  32 inch scapes.  Early to midseason bloomer.  Dormant.  Vigorous.  All good things in this lily, every day and every time.  
Hemerocallis "Mary Todd"
"Mary Todd" has all the good things going for it as Corryton Pink.  A 6 inch bright yellow with ruffles and frills.  22 inch scapes.  Early season.  Semi evergreen.  High bud count.  Substantial.  Stout Silver Medal winner.  In my family garden for my sister-in-law, Mary Gibson.
Hemerocallis "Raspberry Pixie"

I have somehow accumulated many little purple daylilies.  Although not powerful, they do fill in around other perennials and lilies in a sweet way.  "Raspberry Pixie" is a sweet example.  1 1/2 inch raspberry petals and lighter sepals with small purple halo,  somewhat textured and yellow/green throat.  Mid season plus rebloom.  Evergreen.  Diploid.  
Hemerocallis "Party Queen"
A true party girl, "Party Queen" doesn't fully open until almost midday.  It's petals are so substantial there is no coaxing it open and occasionally it will throw a temper tantrum and not fully open all day.  When it does open, the 6 inch vibrant coral/apricot self with a bright glowing orange eye is stunning.  It is heavily ruffled and on 28 inch scapes.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.   Received Honorable Mention.  It's easy to see this sleepy head partying all night.   

Rebloom:  When I list "rebloom" it's because that's the official registered description.  The chances of a daylily reblooming here in our part of the Midwest is slim.  On the rare times where we have a very early and warm spring and a late freeze - then maybe a daylily just might send up another scape.  Anything listed as mid-season to late season bloomer probably won't have enough time to rebloom.

Plus it's difficult when you have many daylilies to realize the bloom you're seeing is on a new scape and not simply one of the original scapes now maturing.  Having said that, I really don't care much why it's blooming, I am simply enjoying the show.

I've found those lilies with high bud counts are my best bet because they will bloom continuously almost a month.    

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