Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No Stopping Daylilies

It was a quick run outside today to take the pictures of today's new bloomers.  Between rain and mosquitoes, it had to be a quick dash.

Hemerocallis "Catherine Woodbery"
"Catherine Woodbery" is a 4-6 inch light pink/lavender that lays flat with slightly ruffled edges and a large yellow/green throat.  The cooler the temperatures, the more vibrant the color.  Early to Mid-season bloomer plus rebloom.   30 inch scapes.  VERY fragrant.  Dormant. Diploid.  Registered by Childs in 1967.

Hemerocallis "Double Daffy"
"Double Daffy" has a huge bud count meaning this plant is covered with these 3 inch double yellow flower (with fiery red eye) for a long time.  A mid-season bloomer and pretty much continuous for almost a month.   Hybridized by Kropf and introduced in 1976.
Hemerocallis "Little Pumpkin Face"
"Little Pumpkin Face" is in my family bed for son, Ian, whose was called Pumpkin Puss for way too long for his liking.  A 2 inch butter yellow with maroon eye zone and yellow eye.  Ruffled edges and substantial.  20 inch scapes although this year they are much taller.  Diploid.  Dormant.  Blooms Mid Season.  Hybridzed by Roy G. Klehm in 2000.  As a side note, I visited the Klehm's nursery in Wisconsin a few weeks ago.  It was like visiting the home of a rock star!

Hemerocallis "Siloam Ethel Smith"
"Siloam Ethel Smith" is an average sounding name for quite a pretty looking lily.  3 1/4 inch pale pink/tangerine with a deep rose eye zone around a gold throat and chartreuse eye.  Ruffled edges, distinct midrib.  20 inch scapes.  Broad petals.  Diploid.  Dormant.  Mid season bloomer.  Hybridized by Henry 1981.  The depth of color varies according to conditions.
Hemerocallis "Spiritual Corridor"
"Spiritual Corridor" has it all going:  substance, heavy bud count, vigorous and beautiful.  A 5 inch lavender pink with a prominent creamy yellow eye and matching picotee edge with a small chartreuse throat.  Early to mid season.  25 inch scapes.  Semi-evergreen.  Hybridized by Hanson in 1992.   I got this from Hornbaker Nursery in Princeton in 2010 and divided several times. If you want a show stopper on a budget, this beauty is your answer.

And Kadence is my little garden show stopper.  Always willing to pose for a picture with meemaw's flowers.  

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