Monday, June 15, 2015

Two New Daylilies - 2015

Daylily "Pops"
Hemerocallis "Pops" is in my family garden.  Along with some other perennials, it has daylilies with names relating to family.  

Pops is the name all the grandchildren call my husband's father. 

Pops was introduced by Riseman in 1988.  I've had it in my garden since 2009.  It's supposed to be about 1 3/4 inches but mine is larger.  Near white with vivid purple/raspberry eye zone and yellow/green eye.  It's very short with 8 inch scapes; definately needs to be in the front of a bed.  

Pops is considered a mid-season bloomer but all my daylilies are blooming much earlier than previous years.  A dormant.  It was an inexpensive buy at $7.50 from Oakes Daylilies.

The other blooms today was exciting since I just planted it May 22nd.   It was from Oakes Daylilies for $20 and one of my buys from my Christmas gift certificate (always a fun way to get daylilies.)

Daylily "Lake Norman Spider"
Lake Norman Spider was introduced by Carpenter in 1981.  

An 8 inch spider with purplish rose pink pinched recurred petals around a large yellow eye and cream watermark.  

It's held on 28 inch scapes although since it's so young to planting, it is much shorter this year.  It blooms mid season and has extended bloom times.  It's a dormant and a diploid.  The fragrance is lightly fruity.  It was classified as "Unusual Form Crispate". 

Lake Norman Spider has the potential of being a favorite.  I've wanted it for years but it was high priced right after introduction.  They all eventually cost less as the public moves on to another new wowzer introduction.

We removed an evergreen bush that had outgrown it's description of "dwarf" and was shading too many great perennials, rubbing against the house and blocking the view.  Never to let a bit of unplanted soil go to waste, it's being filled with daylilies which I can see from the picture window.  All is well in the daylily world!

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