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Doesn't everyone wear a 
gardening hat?
From the Galva News “Getting to Know” article - perhaps more than you wanted to know.  Questions are underlined.

Name:         Diane Gibson

Family:        Husband, Jerry.  We’re a blended family.  I am blessed with children and their spouses who are good people.  Children:  Trent/Julie, Susan/Paul and Ian/Marla.  Angie, Carmen/David, Faye/David, Megan/Tim and Keitra.  Grandchildren:  Twenty-two if you include spouses; another grandchild due this year.  Great grandchildren:  Two and another due this year.

Occupation:         Retired from Illinois Power Company (now Ameren) as Senior Director.

Music you've been listening to most lately:                 
I grew up listening to 1930s and 40s music because my folks always had the radio playing.  We also had a collection of Victrola records where I listened to everything from opera to comedy.  As a kid, I would have my radio tuned in on Saturday nights and listened to Chicago’s WLS and mostly Muddy Waters.   I was a youngster when rock and roll happened and danced my heart out to American Bandstand after school.  Was a young adult when folk and hard rock hit and TV had loads of variety shows.  Now, I hear my grandchildren’s favorites.  There’s some of each I enjoy.

During my "Was I really 
that skinny?" years.
Person(s) you admire:  
People who’ve decided to go through life with dignity, strength, common sense and humor.

You might be surprised:  
I’m thankful for the people I’ve known who’ve been less than pleasant because they taught me what I didn’t want to be and taught me how to forgive even when it isn’t merited or easy.

Some good advice you've learned through the years:  
So many because schools and families taught how to live and act from the Bible.

Someone you think should be recognized for who they are or what they do, and why:  I’m seriously tired of the mainstream news and social media focusing only on the very small percent of malcontents, publicity seekers, troublemakers and jerks.  That being said, I’m hopeful those quiet people who go about helping others, making the world better and being responsible are recognized more often.

Leading my 4-H calf.
Worst job you’ve had:    
Cleaning public restrooms.  Tainted my opinion of the public long before Wal-Mart people pictures surfaced.

Why I got into gardening?      
I think it’s my farm background and the joy (almost need) of nature’s beauty.  My yard, plants and the great outdoors soothe my spirit and are an avenue for creativity.  I get excited about a plant or information, some outdoor view or someone’s garden and enjoy sharing.

A good day for you would be:  
Every single person in our family gathered for a day of food, fun and loving each other.  The other would be gardening until it’s all done without anything hurting. 

Pet peeves:  
A clerk handing you your item and only saying “There ya’ go.” 

Your first car:        
Yellow Triumph TR3 convertible – wish I still had one.  But, I learned to drive farm equipment first.

How would you like to be remembered?  
I can’t write that book.

If you could do it over again:  
I’d up my common sense level earlier.

Things I enjoy?  
Being the grandparents in a big family, you learn to roll with things.  I try to enjoy those good times when they happen.   I enjoy family hugs.  I enjoy being creative – whatever that is at the moment.  I enjoy really good food.  I enjoy taking pictures.   

I'm with the huge flowers on the shoulder trying to
socialize at what appears to be "three women in black and
the fairy princess."  I'm 20 yrs. old here. 
Things you’re very bad at:    
I’m a shy introvert so socializing in crowds is difficult.  Someone once asked me why I write?  My answer was, “It’s easier than talking to people in person.”   

Things that are continually on my prayer list:       
Those with cancer and their families.  We’ve all been touched either intimately or socially by cancer.  A good friend of mine, Roger Hawk, pondered, “Is cancer the end times plague?”  I don’t know, but, with Jerry’s cancer (thank you God he’s in remission) and grandson, Nick’s, current battle with cancer, it’s always in my prayers.  I also think my teen and early adult grandchildren need prayer because of the complexity of their lives and the world.  Sometimes the best thing a grandparent can do is to fervently pray.

Being all dressed up and smiling. 

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