Friday, June 26, 2015

Big Day on the Ranch

OK, we don't live on a ranch but it was a big daylilies first bloom day!
Hemerocallis "Siloam Ury Winniford"
"Siloam Ury Winniford" is so reliable, I go outside and think, "Yep, Ury is looking pretty again!"  An Award of Merit winner for good reason.  4 inch substantial cream white with large purple eye zone and small chartreuse throat.  23 inch scapes but much taller this year.  Very hardy. Dormant.  Early to mid season bloomer plus extended and reblooming.  Does not fade and seems insect resistant.  
Hemerocallis "White Temptation"
"White Temptation" is one of those lilies I've divided so many times I'm always surprised where it blooms.  Not only does it have it's own beauty, it helps to highlight other more vibrant flowers.  A 5 inch near white with faint yellow/green throat and wavy ruffled edges on 32 inch scapes.  Dormant.  Mid to late season bloomers.  Fragrant and very consistent.  Received Honorable Mention and the Award of Merit.  

Hemerocallis "My Melinda"
"My Melinda" has 3 1/2 inch rose pink petals and pale pink sepals and midribs with a golden throat (considered a bi-tone.)  Lightly crimped edges and vigorous.  Midsummer plus rebloom or extended in my garden.  Tetraploid.  Diurnal.  Dormant.  Here's the fun part:  the flowers last at least 16 hours each day.  This makes it a good choice next to patios and porches.  Received the Honorable Mention Award.
Hemerocallis "Blushing Summer Valentine"
"Blushing Summer Valentine" is another show stopper.  5 inch light buff pink bloom with a vivid burgundy maroon large eye zone and matching edge and a yellow eye.  24 inch scapes.  Early season plus rebloom.  Semi evergreen.  Tetraploid.  Fragrant.  Was awarded the "All American in Exhibition Category" in 2008.  

Hemerocallis "Princeton Prairie Art"
"Princeton Prairie Art" is another from Hornbaker Nursery in Princeton IL.  5 inch pink/peach and cream blend with white midrib and yellow eye.  Intense ruffling.  Evergreen.  This one was a little slow to start in my garden but the flowers are beautiful.  They open later in the morning.
Hemerocallis "Night Beacon"
"Night Beacon" is a little fussy some years and insects love the purple color.  That said, this 4 inch unique deep rich purple curled petals with huge chartreuse center on 24 inch scapes is beautiful.  Early to mid season bloomer plus rebloom.  Evergreen.  Diploid.  Increases clump size.  Received Honorable Mention and Junior Citation.  
Hemerocallis "Cream Puff"
"Cream Puff" is put to the test where I have it growing - a lot of shade.  5 inch cream sepals and peach/pink petals with lighter midrib and slightly ruffled edges - gold eye and green center.  36-48 inch scapes.  Vigorous with high bud count.  Midseason and continuous.  Diploid.  Evergreen.  Diurnal.  A sweet little bi-tone.
Hemerocallis "Unknown Big Banana"
This was given to me with no name attached - I call it my "U/K Big Banana" because this 8 inch spider has yellow banana shaped petals/sepals.  It has light midribs and small green eye.  30-36 inch scapes.  I have it everywhere because it is so vigorous and healthy.

Daylily season is in full swing and more coming on fast.  Weeds are in full swing, also.  Was out pulling, cutting and hauling until it started to rain - again.  Maybe I needed a break!

Little visitor to my yard or maybe I'm a visitor to
its yard:  Metaphid Jumping Spider.

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