Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Happy

Today's bloomer is "Happy Returns".  It's often used in landscaping because it is a 3 inch clear yellow self with ruffled edges.  It has a long bloom season and high bud count primarily because it's a decedent of "Stella de Oro".  

"Happy Returns" is somewhat dwarf but the clumps spread.  The spreading fills in nicely around other plants or allows you to divide and increase the number of plants.  It's very hardy - Diploid - Dormant and the has a most wonderful strong fragrance.  They do well in light shade and will bloom in deeper shade but not with all the qualities.

Darrell Apps registered "Happy Returns" in 1986.  It's considered inexpensive and almost every nursery carries them.

The only negative I've found is insects love to chew off the color - I wonder if it's the fragrance that attracts them?  I have to get out there mighty early to get a picture of the flowers in perfect condition. This damage doesn't show in a landscape setting but I'd suggest planting them so they can be viewed from a distance.


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