Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dodging Bullets

In this area, we were all hunkered down in basements as a storm with rotation was heading to our area.  And then it made a turn and we hardly saw a sprinkle.  Good bullets to dodge.

Today's beauties:

Hemerocallis "Chloe"
"Chloe" is a 5 inch bicolor large spider with magenta/purple petals and cream/yellow sepals.  It has a large yellow eye.  36-40 inch scapes.  Add to that, it's fragrant and has a large bud count.  Dormant.  Was awarded the "Award of Merit".  

I've divided "Chloe" so many times, they are in every bed.  Dependable and vigorous.
Hemerocallis "Decatur Gentleman"
"Decatur Gentleman" is another of the outstanding purples.  At 5 1/2 inches, it shimmers and has a deeper purple halo around a yellow/green throat.  18 plus scapes.  Dormant.  Blooms mid-season.  Always dependable and beautiful.
Hemerocallis "Ed Murray"
A perfect red.  "Ed Murray" has it all:  4 inch ruffled dark ruby red with recurved petals sometimes narrowly edged in white and a white midrib.  Dormant.  Mid-season bloomer.  Diploid.  Vigorous, free flowering, spreads AND self seeds.  Winner of the Stout Medal, Lenington All-American Award, Award of Merit and the Annie T. Giles Award for a small flower.  Yes, Wowzer!
Hemerocallis "Prairie Angel"
"Prairie Angel" is a high styled beautiful flower - except when it isn't.  5 inch deep mauve/peach pink with light gold throat and gold bubbled edge.  Has a light water mark.  Slightly fragrant and has 36-48 inch scapes.  Blooms mid-season.  Dormant.  The finish is often spotty which (for me) majorly takes away from the beauty.  I used to blame insects eating the top layer but now I've begun to think this variety doesn't have reliable color.  I keep it because it is seen from afar.  I'd rip it out except it's so darn flamboyant when perfect.
Hemerocallis "Spider Miracle"
One of my new lilies, "Spider Miracle" came on with a strong showing.  8 1/2 inch rich yellow self with chartreuse center.  This spider is classified as "unusual form spatulate" because the petals turn under at the ends.  On 32 inch strong scapes.  (Never buy a large daylily on spindly scapes because it won't support these beauties.)  Blooms mid-season.  Dormant.  Diploid and diurnal.

"Spider Miracle" looks like a new introduction but it was released in 1986 by Hendricks. 

Last night's area storms blew the humidity out and it was a perfect day.  Perfect for daylilies, too.   

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