Saturday, June 27, 2015

Super Superlative

Hand weeding is not an enjoyment for me, it's a penitence!  That was my yesterday and I wondered, as I was slip sliding in the mud, if I got the roots or just a hand full of muddy tops.  Sigh!

Here are the daylilies that lifted my spirits and bloomed yesterday for the first time this year:
Hemerocallis "Superlative"
"Superlative" was rightly named; it does super in my garden.  A 6 inch lightly ruffled true deep red velvet with a gold eye zone and gold thread and sometimes has a gold midrib.  30 inch scapes.  Somewhat fragrant.  Early bloomer and rebloomer.  In my garden, it's more of a continuous bloomer (meaning high bud count.)  Semi evergreen.  Tetraploid.  Increases clump size meaning you can divide, move and give gifts!  Was awarded Honorable Mention and the Award of Merit.
Hemerocallis "Quilt Patch"
"Quilt Patch"is a 6 inch unique spidery pearl dusted brown with a darker purple/brown eye zone and large yellow star throat which extends into the curling petals and sepals.   26 inch scapes.  Early to mid season bloomer plus rebloom.  Dormant. Diploid.  Blooms well in partial shade.  I think of "Quilt Patch" more as an exhibition flower than as a clump filler.  It needs it's place to show off by itself because it is so unusual plus gets rather lost among bright flowers.

Hemerocallis "UK Rose Show"
My daughter, who isn't into anything about daylilies except their prettiness (and that's alright for most people), shared this flower but didn't remember the name and so I call it "Unknown Rose Show".  

A 5 inch salmon with darker rose halo and ruffled.  The eye is yellow going into a chartreuse throat.  24 inch scapes.  It is ALWAYS healthy, huge bud count, vigorous and can be divided often.  My no-name beauty is pretty much perfect.
Hemerocallis "Ruffled Apricot"
In my belief that there should never be a patch of sunny ground that doesn't have a daylily, I made some flower beds out by my husband's shed.  He was a little "iffy" on my making it too girly - HA! The chances were good.  So anyway, I moved or ordered some inexpensive beautiful yellows and oranges.  

"Ruffled Apricot" is one of the beauties (in a manly kind of way.)  7 inch rich apricot self with ruffled edges.  Early to mid season bloomer.  Dormant.  Good multiplier on 28 inch scapes.  Stout Silver Medal winner.       
Hemerocallis "Ruffled Feathers"
"Ruffled Feathers" is more beautiful in person than in pictures.  A 6 inch pink/peach self with green/yellow throat.  White midribs and is heavily ruffled in a darker pink/peach.  Dormant.  Mid season bloomer.  26 inch scapes.  Diurnal.  Tetraploid.  Substantial and a little reluctant to open all the way until later in the day.

And now:  off for more weeding on the fabulously beautiful day.

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