Monday, June 22, 2015

Combo Day

Hope fathers' day at your house was good - enjoying fathers and remembering fathers.  

Daylilies blooming Sunday and today:

When "Myth and Magic" is good, she is very very good.  But when she is bad, she is horrid.  Not quite horrid but sometimes the blooms don't open all the way; they remain tube shaped.   4 inch peach flesh blend with lighter vein and with a lipstick red band and apple gold/green throat.  Very ruffled gold band around the edge.  Dormant and fragrant.  This picture was yesterday and she was very very good.
Hemerocallis "Myth and Magic"
"Chicago Knobby" is a nice all around lavender for full sun.  6 inches with petals slightly darker than sepals and a deeper purple halo and raised midribs.  Serrated edging of slightly darker purple and sometimes has a small white edge.  Pointed tips.  Semi-evergreen and blooms early to mid-season.  Received the "Award of Merit" in 1980.  
Hemerocallis "Chicago Knobby"

A beautiful 6 inch velvet purple, "Wayside King Royal" is certainly royalty in the garden.  Flowers are held on 36 inch scapes.  The 6 inch rich purple velvet blooms have a deeper purple halo around a vibrant yellow/green throat.  Slightly ruffled edge and faint midrib on petals.  It's fragrant, Dormant and blooms early to mid-season.  These rich dark purples enhance most any other color of daylily.  This is a vigorous plant.

Hemerocallis "Wayside King Royal"
"Velvet Shadows" is a 2 3/4 inch rich purple with lavender watermark and darker purple veins & ruffled edge and a yellow/green throat held on 15 inch scapes.  It blooms mid to late season.  Semi-evergreen.  Diploid.  Very hardy and pretty darn precious.  The purple glows in the front of a border.
Hemerocallis "Velvet Shadows"
I've written an entire article about "Dad's Best White" because it's that important.  Important because the 6 inch pearlized near white blooms (with a small green eye) are stunning.  Important because it lights up the green spaces.  Important because it lets the other brighter and more elaborate lilies shine.  Thin petals are self branched on 28 inch scapes (taller in my garden.)  Mid season and continuous because of the high bud count.  Diural.  Diploid.  Dormant.  VERY healthy and vigorous.
Hemerocallis "Dad's Best White"
And one of my favorite and perhaps the biggest Diva of my daylilies is an unknown variety I call "Large Peach Dramatic".  7 inch creamy peach pearl-dusted with yellow/green throat.  The tongue drapes down.  Held on 28 inch scapes.  The Diva part is because the buds sometimes need a little help opening in the morning.  As with most large daylilies, it gets ragged in heavy rain and wind.  It is soooo worth it because it's an amazing daylily.  
Hemerocallis "Large Peach Dramatic"

Right now, with our early spring and almost daily 1/2 to 2 inches of rain, daylilies are more over the top than usual:  larger flowers, earlier bloom times, clump size increases and bud counts are high.  So far a perfect daylily season.

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